About Us

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What is DinnerDate?

We’re Dinnerdate. And we’re a little different from other dating and social introduction sites. That’s because we believe local singles should meet new people in person. Not with an online dating or social profile. Our dating and social networking site makes it easy for you to meet with other local singles in person while enjoying a delicious dinner. Instead of meeting for one-on-one dates, we arrange for you to meet an entire group of local singles just like you in a fun and relaxed environment. Which also means we’re one of the few online dating and social networking sites that actually stacks the odds in your favor.

Think of it like this – the more local singles you meet, the more connections you’ll make. And because everyone pays for the own dinner in advance, it’s the easiest no-pressure way to meet local singles. There are no expectations or awkwardness. Just a fun environment where you’ll feel relaxed enough to be yourself.

How do I use DinnerDate.com?

As you navigate around our site, you’ll see that we provide much more than the typical personal profile approach most every other dating and social networking site uses. Check out these features of our site:

  1. Upload a photo and share some personal information about your hobbies and favorite foods with us – just fill in details about yourself when you meet people at dinners;
  2. Search for a dinner at a restaurant you’ve wanted to try or with someone that caught your eye on our site;
  3. Sign up for dinners on our site and show up for a fun and relaxed evening;
  4. Get in touch with us by e-mail after dinner with your comments, and check out our take on your feedback from the experience – we rank, review and make recommendations and referrals relating to hosts at the dinner, the restaurants you go to, introductions and what you might try at the next dinner;
  5. After the dinner party log onto our site – you can network, blog, photo share, video share etc., and continue the conversation from dinner.